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Jay Feely Hits 61-Yard Field Goal, Ties Bills/Cards At 16

I mean... you can't be for serious, football gods.

Brad Smith - yes, Brad Smith - threw an interception with roughly three minutes remaining in regulation as the Buffalo Bills looked to close out the Arizona Cardinals. (Or maybe they weren't looking to close the Cardinals out, considering that insane play call.)

Then on the ensuing Cardinals drive, quarterback Kevin Kolb exits after another week of pounding finally takes its toll. Enter starter-turned-backup John Skelton, who makes one throw on 4th-and-11 to Larry Fitzgerald to keep the drive alive.

And then! Then, when Arizona's drive stalls, Ken Whisenhunt sends Jay Feely out to attempt a 61-yard field goal. Of course he made it, right?

Of course he did. And not even just barely. He drilled it.

Buffalo and Arizona are tied at 16 with 1:09 remaining in the fourth quarter. Here we go.