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Bills, Cardinals Headed To OT Tied At 16

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This is one of the weirdest football games I have ever seen.

The Buffalo Bills did their usual thing, blowing a fourth-quarter lead with three minutes remaining after Jay Feely kicked a 61-yard field goal following a Brad Smith interception on an incredibly ill-advised Wildcat pass. That made Feely 3-of-3 on the day, with two other connections from 49 yards each.

And then, after the Arizona Cardinals marched right down the field following a Bills three-and-out, Feely had a 37-yard field goal lined up to win it. He doinked it off the left upright, and Buffalo and Arizona now find themselves in overtime.

This is the first game that the Bills have ever played under the NFL's new overtime rules that went into effect after the lockout ended last year. They'll get the ball first in overtime, and can win the game outright with a touchdown on this drive. A fan on the verge of heart failure can dream, right?