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Bills' Chan Gailey On Wildcat Pass: "It Was A Dumb Call"

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Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey sounded relieved post-game that an intercepted Wildcat pass from Brad Smith didn't cost the Bills a win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Norm Hall - Getty Images

"We had already seen it two or three times versus what they had given us, and we though we had a chance right down the middle of the field," explained Chan Gailey.

That was the rationale for the Buffalo Bills throwing a deep route out of the Wildcat formation with three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of yesterday's 19-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Leading by three points late in the game, Gailey dialed up a deep route from Brad Smith to Donald Jones with the offense driving. That pass was intercepted and led to a game-tying 61-yard field goal from Jay Feely roughly two minutes later.

"We were trying to throw it more to the middle of the field to keep it away from outside," continued Gailey. "We designed it to go to the middle of the field, (and) it ended up not going to the middle of the field. If we hit that, we're all talking about what a great call it is, and if we don't, it's a dumb call. So it was a dumb call. If I had to do it over again, I'd run it."

Gailey and the Bills dodged a bullet on the play call thanks to the overtime win. Gailey also addressed the team's decision to throw the football 17 times in the second half, including five times in overtime despite the fact that C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson were clicking in the running game.

"The longer we played, the tighter their safeties played and wouldn't let us run it," Gailey said. "That's why, really, in the second half we ended up throwing it a little bit more than we did in the first half, because their safeties kept coming down. I would liked to have run it even more, to be honest with you, in the second half, but they weren't allowing us to do it."

Ryan Fitzpatrick was 9-of-17 for 108 yards in the second, including 0-for-5 in overtime. Thankfully, the Bills' bacon was saved by a tipped field goal kick by Alex Carrington and an overtime interception from Jairus Byrd.