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Bills 19, Cardinals 16 (OT): Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Input

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Buffalo Bills fans pinpoint an offensive player of the game, a defensive player of the game, and a turning point of the game from yesterday's 19-16 overtime win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Norm Hall - Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Arizona Cardinals 19-16 in overtime in Week 6, evening their record at 3-3 and creating a four-way tie in the AFC East. Matt Warren and Brendan Harrington will be convening to record what I'm sure will be an up-and-down Buffalo Rumblings Podcast - which is apt, considering that the game itself was up-and-down - and we're looking for your input.

As usual, we're looking for nominations and comments on the following three topics:

  • Offensive Player of the Game: We're guessing that Ryan Fitzpatrick won't win this award, but that doesn't mean someone else isn't worthy!
  • Defensive Player of the Game: There's an obvious front-runner here, but can Rumblers make a good case for a darkhorse or two?
  • Turning Point of the Game: Wow. So, so many options here. Good luck pointing to just one, folks.

Any other interesting comments or questions that you pose below will be addressed in the podcast, as well, as time permits. Thanks for your input; we'll have the recording posted sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) morning!