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Buffalo Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick Protecting The Football

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Buffalo Bills fans are not high on quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick at the moment, but hey - at least he's not turning the football over with reckless abandon lately.

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has not played well for the last two and a half games. You don't need me or anyone else to tell you this if you've seen any or all of that action, and plenty is being said about Fitzpatrick - almost all of it negative.

I might be the only person in the fan base that has been relatively pleased by any part of Fitzpatrick's game over the last two weeks. Raise you're hand if, like me, you're thrilled to death that he's stopped turning the football over like he was trying to meet the worst contract incentive ever.

Sure, all of our "favorite" Fitzpatrick traits have been on display in spades this season - his inaccuracy, his inconsistency and his streakiness chief among them - but at least for the last two games, he's cut down on the number of horrible turnovers. He had just one in a Week 5 loss to San Francisco (which came on perhaps the worst throw of his career, granted), and didn't have any in last week's win over Arizona.

In that same time frame, some key Fitzpatrick statistics have plummeted, as well - with yards per attempt being the most glaring figure, as he's averaged just 4.8 yards per throw in each of the last two weeks. Completion percentage has remained consistently mediocre all season.

But for all of the bad, the fact that Fitzpatrick has thrown just one pick in two games is noteworthy. He just ended a three-game run where he had at least one turnover of some kind, and it was just the second game in six tries this season that he managed to avoid a turnover. Fitzpatrick has been a machine when it comes to giving the football to other teams while playing under Chan Gailey; if his current trend continues, I don't think you can undersell the development.

We know what Fitzpatrick is at this point: he's an incredibly frustrating starting quarterback. He's not going to go out and win a team many (if any) games by himself. If he can continue to protect the football and let the rest of the team work, however, the Bills may just learn to win in spite of him - and regardless of the situation at quarterback, that would be a step in the right direction. Yes, he's held the team back in other ways (and will continue to do so), but that doesn't mean he has to prevent them from winning football games.