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NFL Week 7 Predictions: Can Buffalo Handle Tennessee?

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Buffalo Rumblings makes its NFL Week 7 predictions, including a Buffalo Bills win over the Tennessee Titans. Won't you, too?

Rick Stewart

Before we get to this week's NFL picks, here's a reminder to submit your Pick 6 lineups for this week. We've had a pretty major attendance drop-off over the last few weeks, and now that I'm not horrendous at this game, I'd like to beat more of you. Get your picks in!

I've only picked the Buffalo Bills once this season in our weekly sponsored picks post. That changes this week, as I believe they'll beat the Tennessee Titans this weekend. On to the picks!

49ers 24, Seahawks 14: I like Seattle. I just like San Francisco more, particularly coming off of a stinker in Week 6.

Cowboys 31, Panthers 26: These two teams should be much better than they are. Dallas is the better overall team, but that doesn't mean a lot. This is a toss-up.

Texans 35, Ravens 21: Unless something changes drastically for Baltimore, they're about to get run on at will by Houston.

Colts 26, Browns 22: Yeah, the Browns won a game last week. That doesn't mean I have any confidence in picking them this week.

Vikings 20, Cardinals 16: I'm not down on Minnesota despite last week's loss. Arizona's offensive line is laughably bad. Have fun, Jared Allen.

Giants 34, Redskins 27: RG3 is the hot name, but while I don't think he can be fully stopped, the Giants are the much better team - and might be on the verge of taking that division by storm.

Packers 34, Rams 16: St. Louis doesn't have anywhere near enough offense to hang with Green Bay, despite its solid defense.

Saints 30, Buccaneers 27: New Orleans' defense is pretty awful, but Drew Brees is still going to win them a bunch of games down the stretch.

Patriots 28, Jets 14: I'll take Tom Brady over Mark Sanchez. Also: I hate this game so much.

Raiders 23, Jaguars 20: Hey - at least Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew are exciting.

Steelers 29, Bengals 21: It's tough to pick Pittsburgh at this point in time. It's tougher to pick Cincinnati.

Bears 33, Lions 24: At some point, the ridiculous turnovers Chicago is forcing will stop (kind of like they did last year for Buffalo). I don't think it'll happen this week.

Bills 27, Titans 24: Just like last week, I expect the Bills to play a close game. Where I took Arizona a week ago because of their home-field advantage and their supposedly superior defense, I'll take Buffalo this week for the exact same reasons.

Last Week: 6-8
NFL Prediction Record: 53-38
Bills Prediction Record: 4-2