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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 10/2

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The postmortem on the Buffalo Bills' embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots continues in today's collected links.

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Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

WGR 550 - The Mario Williams Report
This article by Joe Buscaglia is pretty damning. He looked at the tape and noted Mario Williams was only double-teamed once.

ReFo: Patriots @ Bills, Week 4 |
"The season is still young, but for now, the Patriots proved an emphatic point that the division is still theirs for the taking." This thorough breakdown of the game shows how bad some folks were for the Bills.

Chandler productive on disappointing day -
"We’re just frustrated, you know, but it’s a long season," Chandler said. "We’re four games into the season and I think everybody feels like we’re 0-4 after this game, but we’re 2-2. We’ve got 12 games left and we’ve got one game next week against the 49ers. We need to learn what we can from this and move on and get ready for the 49ers."

Glenn, Urbik likely to miss two weeks -
"It may be two (weeks) minimum on both of them, but we’re not going to rule out the second game today," said Gailey Monday. "I’ve not been very good about doing that lately, so we’re going to say it’s probably two but I don’t know about that."

Chan Gailey on mental toughness: "It starts at the top" -
The Bills head coach talked to reporters on Monday. Here's the transcript.

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This is one that'll stick with us" -
Fitzpatrick talks Patriots and 49ers.

Bills players comment on Patriots, 49ers -
Stevie Johnson, C.J. Spiller, Kraig Urbik, Chris Hairston, and Marcell Dareus briefly answers questions on Monday.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Monday Press Conference - VIDEO -
"The Bills quarterback talks about the loss to the Patriots and preparing for San Francisco."

Chan Gailey Monday Update - VIDEO -
"The Bills head coach talks about the injuries from Sunday's game, reflects on the loss to the Patriots, and about the team's mental toughness."

Stevie Johnson Monday Press Conference - VIDEO -
"The Bills wide receiver talks about the Patriots game and moving forward to San Francisco."

Bills Focus: No Carry Over From Tough Loss - VIDEO -
"It was obvious that the loss to the Patriots stung a little bit, but John Murphy goes into the locker room to find out how the team is going to avoid those bad feelings carrying over to next week."

Inside The Bills | Can’t let Pats loss linger
"It’s not (going to linger) because I’m not going to let that happen," said Gailey. "Getting back to the mental toughness part (of our team), that can’t happen. Of course, I won’t see them from now until Wednesday, they’ll be around a little bit (Tuesday), but that’s my responsibility is to not let that happen. You can’t let one loss cost you two."

Inside The Bills | Chan stands behind Wannstedt
"I’m fine with it," said Gailey of his team’s defensive game plan. "I’ve got complete confidence in Dave and what they’re trying to do and where we’ve got our people situated – and that’s the majority of it, where do you have your people situated? We’ve got our people in the right spots. We’re sound, we’ve just got to continue to get better. We’ve got to be able to stop the run, which we did for two games and we didn’t for two games. I think we’re capable of doing that."

Inside The Bills | Urbik confirms he’ll miss Sunday
"Urbik confirmed its a high ankle sprain."

Inside The Bills | Chan: We need to get mentally stronger
"Well if I knew that answer I’d have already done it," he said. "You keep trying to see where your team is and evaluate where your team is and try to push the right buttons to get them to understand what it takes to get there. I’ve been fortunate to have been around a number of really good football teams and everyone of them is different. There wasn’t a same personality. There wasn’t a same group of guys that led every time. It was different personalities that led. So you keep trying to find that right picture for your football team to be strong."

Inside The Bills | Chan: No answer for Welker
"To be honest with you I don’t believe we’ve had a guy in the three years I’ve been here that can cover that guy one-on-one for an entire ball game," said Gailey. "He can get open. That’s why he made the Pro Bowl so many years."

Inside The Bills | Jones, Chandler "will be fine"
"I think they’ll be fine," said Gailey. "I think (pulling them from the game) was precautionary more than anything on those two."

Inside The Bills | Chan’s update on Glenn, Urbik injuries
"I hesitate to do that anymore because I get it so wrong," said Gailey initially. "I just think it’s going to be two or three weeks probably and then we’ll go from there."

Bills' Glenn, Urbik to miss 49ers game - The Buffalo News
"Fortunately for us, the two guys stepping in have been here and have played," said Fitzpatrick. "In that sense, bringing in guys that have experience in this system does help. It is something we will see as the week goes on how they do and how the other guys are doing. It is just something we will have to deal with."

Bills deal seen as key play for Cuomo future - The Buffalo News
POLITICS?! On a Buffalo Bills blog?! This actually makes sense that Cuomo might cave sooner rather than later just to keep the Bills to give himself a political bump.

Jerry Sullivan: Many RBs escape obscurity against Bills - The Buffalo News
"But I'm sure they had the same reaction when Bolden was running wild. "This sure happens to the Bills a lot." It's hard to remember how many times a running back - be it a nobody, a marginal pro, or a future star - had his coming of age against Buffalo. " Jerry Sullivan goes through the list of backs who went from nobodies to somebodies after playing the Bills.

Poll: Where do Bills need to make biggest personnel changes? | Press Coverage
After 900 votes, Ryan Fitzpatrick looks to be on the chopping block.

Podcast: Trying to make sense of how Bills lost to Patriots | Press Coverage
"What the hell? That question summed up the general theme of my weekly Monday morning spot with the 'Shredd and Ragan Show' on 103.3 The Edge."

11 facts about the Buffalo Bills' record-setting afternoon | Press Coverage
"A collection of unpleasant stats from the New England Patriots' 52-28 victory over the Buffalo Bills:"

Live video chat: Bills Replay with Skurski, Northrop | Press Coverage
"The News' Jay Skurski and Milt Northrop discussed Sunday's Bills game, the week ahead and a look at news across the NFL in Monday night's Bills Replay."

Early timetable calls for Urbik, Glenn to miss two weeks | Press Coverage
"It’s not your ideal situation, obviously, but we’ve got guys that we have a comfort level with, that have played in games, so at least maybe we’re ahead of the game compared to two years ago," Gailey said.

Reader feedback: Change needed with QB, coaching staff | Press Coverage
"After all, if the front office must drop its punter following a victory, then you should be able to count on changes after six turnovers and 52 points allowed at home to the New England Patriots."

Chan Gailey says he's 'fine' with Dave Wannstedt's game plan | Press Coverage
"Fine. I'm fine with it," Gailey said. "I've got complete confidence in Dave and what they're trying to do and where we've got our people situated, and that's the majority of it: Where do you have your people situated?"

C.J. Spiller insists he's a capable goal-line back | Press Coverage
"I had a goal-line run against Kansas City, so it's not about the right size or trying to bulldoze a 350-pound guy. It's all about getting your pads low. That's one thing I didn't do. I had my pads high."

Bills Video with Jay Skurski and Tim Graham | Press Coverage
After talking with players and coaches, the two reporters from the Buffalo News talked with each other.

WGR 550 - Bills' Gailey Squarely Behind Wannstedt
Chris Kelsay didn’t play as much because it was nickel defense throughout. Why didn’t the Bills get out of it? Kelsay said, "That’s a good question. Dave addressed it a little bit this afternoon in our meeting. He talked about last night laying there wondering if we should’ve been in our base defense or not. Really, it comes down to whether or not you think matchup wise if a guy is good enough to play in certain situations or if in the passing game if you’re better apt to cover guys."

WGR 550 - Bills' Down Two O Linemen For At Least 2 Weeks
In training camp, Hairston was supposed to compete with Glenn for the starting LT spot. It never happened due to the injury to Erik Pears. Hairston still isn’t happy about that, "I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating, but that’s how the game is and I’ve just got to understand my role on the team and whenever my name is called, I’ve got to be ready for whatever I’ve got to do."

WGR 550 - CAPACCIO: Hot Reads: Bills/Patriots
"Where to start in this one? So many areas I can cover and not many, if any, positive for he Bills. But that said here are my Hot Reads for the Bills big collapse and loss to the Patriots....."

QBR: Brady shines, Sanchez flops - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Ryan Fitzpatrick's QBR was mediocre on Sunday. You're shocked.

Seven-step drop: Patriots' second weapon - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"It’s gut-check time for the Buffalo Bills. The Bills were embarrassed by the 52-28 loss to New England, and their upcoming schedule is not easy. They play on the road in four of the next five games, and all four road games are against teams with winning records. It starts next week when Buffalo travels to the West Coast to face the San Francisco 49ers (3-1)."

Patriots vs. Bills: Fan Notes from the Game - Pats Pulpit
My favorite note: "You know who else crapped his pants yesterday? Donald Jones after Vince Wilfork completely rearranged his lower intestines."

Patriots vs. Bills, Week 4: Buffalo defense falters in defeat -
"Buffalo's defense has given up a lot of points in two AFC East games."

Buffalo Bills' Cordy Glenn, Kraig Urbik Out "A While" - Buffalo Rumblings
Here is the StoryStream for the injuries to the offensive linemen. Bookmark it and come back to see the updates.

Brandon Lloyd's TD catch makes for best photo of NFL weekend -
"The Patriots' Brandon Lloyd made an unbelievable catch ... and managed to smile for the camera in the process." It has already been turned into several memes and GIFs.

Pack's Jim Ritcher had to adjust to offensive line -
"Jim Ritcher nearly cried the day N.C. State football coach Bo Rein told him he was moving to the offensive line. Ritcher, a defensive end in high school, had every intention of spending his career chasing quarterbacks, not protecting them."

A reality check for the Bills - Olean Times Herald
"But what was particularly galling for the Bills was that they actually led 21-7 four minutes into the third quarter and had wasted another potential touchdown when running back C.J. Spiller fumbled at the Patriots’ 1-yard line just before intermission."

No Excuses for Defense, Mario Williams -
"But questions about the offense have either already been answered (Fitzpatrick's limited ability) or are mere footnotes (which injured running back fumble was more costly) This game and the team's pride were both lost by a dominated defense."

Should we worry about the defense? - Democrat and Chronicle
"I know it’s only a month into the season, but if water was pouring into your house, would you say the roof didn’t leak?"

Buffalo Bills' Kraig Urbik, Cordy Glenn out vs. San Francisco 49ers Democrat and Chronicle
Chan Gailey comments on the two injured linemen.