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SB Nation United, SB Nation 'Pick 6' Updates

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Here's an update on the latest tweaks being made to SB Nation United. Also: Buffalo Rumblings owns SB Nation's 'Pick 6', a weekly fantasy football game.

It's now been a full week since Buffalo Rumblings re-launched on the new SB Nation United platform. I believe that a lot of people have gotten used to the new digs pretty quickly in the first week, and the company's tech team is constantly using community feedback to help improve the platform and make tweaks to suit the needs of our readers.

Here's what the tech team has fixed in the past couple of days. You may have noticed some of these already; if not, give it a whirl and see if there's an improvement on your end, particularly with respect to the mobile experience.

  • Cut down size of mobile pages by more than 50 percent
  • Streamlined user interface for easier navigation, emphasis on story
  • Auto-updating comments turned off to avoid inadvertent battery strain
  • New comment counts on the home page now function normally
  • IE8 bugs fixed, visual issues being worked on
  • All content now showing in iOS and Android apps
  • Front-page articles can be Recommended (rec'd) again

Next up on the tech team's to-do list: more mobile improvements; more IE8 visual tweaks; and lots of small bugs, including the known issue with using Shift+A to mark all comments as read. If you run into any issues that you think are worth notifying someone about, send an email to and they'll not only help you out, but add useful tweaks to their to-do list.

I'm curious to know how everyone is getting acclimated to the new Rumblings after this first week. Everything cool?

Get your Pick 6 picks in!

Buffalo Rumblings owns SB Nation Pick 6, our weekly fantasy pick 'em wherein owners pick six players (get it?) within the constraints of a salary cap.

For the third time in four weeks, a member of this blog sat atop the overall leaderboard. Congratulations to Kris Gearhart, this past week's overall winner that joins previous overall winners BillsThickNThin and Buffalo Mo.

This week, there's a clearance sale going on; keep your eye out for ultra-cheap, ultra-productive fantasy talent to add to your rosters. Make sure you get your picks in by Thursday night's kickoff between the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals!