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Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans GameThread: Live Discussion

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Buffalo Bills fans discuss the events of today's game against the Tennessee Titans live as they unfold.

Rick Stewart

Buffalo Bills (3-3) vs. Tennessee Titans (2-4)
Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 1:00PM ET
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY

Today represents a bit of a crossroads for the Buffalo Bills. They're 3-3 and a little banged up, playing their final game before a much-needed bye next weekend. They'll take on the Tennessee Titans today, who at 2-4 are a talented but beatable team at home. Buffalo is a beatable team everywhere, mind you, but if the Bills still believe themselves to be playoff contenders - they have no reason not to - then this is a game they have to win.

If Buffalo wins, they'll enter the bye week 4-3, remain tied atop the AFC East, and face the prospect of a daunting post-bye schedule (at Houston and at New England) with a bit of momentum and a healthier roster. If they can't take care of business against a beatable team, however, the momentum disappears, and suddenly that post-bye schedule looks even more daunting. Buffalo must win this game today.

Once a year, both MRW and I are unable to attend to Rumblings because we're both at a game. This year, that day is today. As such, this one GameThread will be used for the entirety of today's matchup, and there will not be a recap thread up until I get home later this evening. Many apologies for whatever inconvenience this may cause you all. We'll catch back up at that point in time; hopefully, we'll be discussing a big win. Go Bills!