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Buffalo Bills Won't Make Coaching Changes Mid-Season

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Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt is on thin ice with the fan base. At worst, he'll remain there for the rest of the regular season, according to Chan Gailey.

Brian Bahr

After surrendering 35 points and 390 total yards (197 of them on the ground) in yesterday's 35-34 loss to the Tennessee Titans, the calls for the firing of Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt have reached a fever pitch. Despite the horrendous play of the defense, head coach Chan Gailey told WGR 550 on Monday morning that he doesn't believe in in-season coaching changes.

"You don’t do that mid-season, in my opinion," Gailey told The Howard Simon Show. "You don’t do that. Everybody has got an opinion about that. I understand that. That’s just the way I do business.

"We’re not going to make a change like that at this point in the season," Gailey later continued. "It’s not like you just flip a switch and things automatically get different. You’ve got to evaluate."

That means that Bills fans will get at least another nine games with Wannstedt calling a Bills defense that currently ranks No. 31 in the NFL overall, and is dead last against the run, surrendering 176.9 rushing yards per game on average. In Week 7, the Titans rolled up four rushing touchdowns on the day, and Chris Johnson accumulated 195 yards and two scores on just 18 carries.

Wannstedt, 60, was promoted to the defensive coordinator post shortly after the conclusion of the 2011 regular season (and the subsequent firing of former coordinator George Edwards). During the Bills' 3-4 start, the Bills have surrendered 20 or more first downs in six of the team's seven games, have given up 400 or more total yards in three games, have watched opponents score 35 or more points four times, and have held opponents to under 100 rushing yards just once.

But then, you don't need us to tell you how bad the Bills' defense is, do you? You have eyes. Until further notice - and barring some bye week miracle borne of evaluation and players suddenly playing up to their potential - very little change appears to be forthcoming.