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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 10/23

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Chris Kelsay called out his Buffalo Bills teammates following another loss. That and more fallout from the Titans game in today's collected links.

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Rick Stewart

Screen game a bright spot in loss -
"Again, just getting those guys (Spiller and Jackson) touches as many ways as we can," Fitzpatrick said. "Whether it is handing the ball off out of the backfield or throwing them screens, we just wanted to get them as many touches as we could. That was part of it. This defense that we played is one that a lot of times will have two high safeties and sit back. If we can get our guys the ball and get them a block then it gives us a good chance to get them in space."

Chris Kelsay calls defense out on the carpet -
"Some way somehow we’ve got to understand what accountability means across the board, playing hard every play," said Kelsay Monday after reviewing Sunday’s game tape. "You watch the film and not everybody was playing hard every snap and that’s unacceptable."

Chris Kelsay: "There is no excuse for it" -
Read the veteran defensive end's comments from Monday.

Chan Gailey: "Everybody can do a little bit better" -
The Bills head coach toed the line between agreeing with Chris Kelsay and saying his team didn't give their all on Sunday. That and more.

Bills Focus: Third Down Defense Comes Up Short - VIDEO -
"John Murphy examines the Bills 35-34 loss to the Titans, and the role that the Bills 3rd down defensive woes played in that."

Chan Gailey on Team Struggles, Effort - VIDEO -
"The Bills head coach talks about the teams struggles in the loss to the Titans, and about Chris Kelsay's comments about the effort of some players."

Chris Kelsay Monday Press Conference - VIDEO -
"The Bills defensive end talks about the lack of effort from some players, the loss to the Titans, and moving forward into the bye week."

The big question: How hurt is Mario? - The Buffalo News
When the question was rephrased to ask Williams whether he thought he was meeting his own expectations, he said: "That’s the thing, no. Like I said, I need to play better and I need to get healthy, it’s No. 1 on my point."

Retractable-roof stadium proposed for outer harbor - The Buffalo News
"Today a plan will be presented to the Common Council that proposes a 72,000-seat, retractable-roof stadium, which can double as a convention center, as the centerpiece of a $1.4 billion project on outer harbor land owned by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority."

Chris Kelsay puts teammates on blast | Press Coverage
"Defensive end Chris Kelsay had some of the strongest words you'll hear a football player use when describing his teammates today. Rather than just pick and choose the best, here are the key portions of Kelsay's meeting with the media, which ran more than 8 minutes. The parts in bold are those I have emphasized."

Bucky Gleason: Kelsay shows how a leader should act - The Buffalo News
"Kelsay couldn’t fully unload, of course. At times during his eight-minute interview, he appeared to be holding back, for the sake of harmony, while still making his point. He made sure his sharp tongue was first pointed toward himself. And yet he knew that people would read between the lines and identify the real culprits."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills' Kelsay, "Not Everybody Was Playing Hard Every Snap"
Kelsay claims something like this has never been a problem before, "No, I don't believe so. Coaches call you out, we grade loafs, we grade hard when guys aren't playing hard. Coaches point it out, but maybe it'll mean more coming from the players."

QBR: Patriots QB Tom Brady back on top - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Fitzpatrick graded out higher than Mark Sanchez this week.

AFC East Player of the Week - AFC East Blog - ESPN
You could vote for Ryan Fitzpatrick, but I get the feeling you won't.

Seven-step drop: Mediocre AFC East? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
James Walker writes about his feelings for Chan Gailey.

Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Despite a better completion percentage and more touchdowns, RYan Fitzpatrick takes a back seat to Mark Sanchez in this little evaluation. Fitzpatrick had the best game of the season to this point.

ReFo: Titans @ Bills: Week 7 |
"Bills slot cornerback Justin Rogers allowed 7-of-8 balls into his coverage to be complete for 68 yards and a touchdown."

Is Chan Gailey up to leading the beleaguered Bills? - Democrat and Chronicle
Sal Maiorana and Leo Roth answer the question.

Police foot patrols make more than 20 arrests at Bills game - The Buffalo News
"Another nine people were charged with trademark counterfeiting, for selling unlicensed National Football League apparel, according to police reports."

Bills Gailey Needs To Change Now -
"I like Chan Gailey and I think he is a good football man, but much more accomplished coaches than him make some drastic moves. Andy Reid, with his 14 seasons and 6 NFC Championship games in Philly just fired his friend and defensive coordinator and is certainly considering benching Michael Vick to play a rookie. If Chan is going to go down, he needs to go down swinging. The hand he has been dealt includes a backup quarterback who starts, a 4 receiver set with only one true starter and a 100 million dollar defensive end that is playing like Aaron Maybin. If there is ever a time to roll the dice to try to make this thing work, it's right now."

Bills at loss for answers to defensive struggles | Times-News
"There is nothing wrong with this defense," linebacker Nick Barnett said of a unit that ranks last in the league against the run and overall and second-to-last in points allowed. "As far as the schematics of the defense, it's one of the best schemes you could have in the NFL, for me personally. We just didn't execute, and that's the problem."