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Stadium with retractable roof proposed for Buffalo Bills

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A proposal for a new retractable-roof football stadium will be presented Tuesday to Buffalo's Common Council.

Rick Stewart

A plan to build a 72,000-seat, retractable-roof football stadium in downtown Buffalo will be presented Tuesday to the Common Council, the Buffalo News is reporting. The $1.4 billion stadium could be the new home to the Buffalo Bills, who currently play their home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium located in the suburb of Orchard Park. The new facility, which will double as a convention center, will be located in Buffalo's outer harbor district.

The project, however, is in the very early stages of development.

Company President Nicholas J. Stracick and Vice President George F. Hasiotis acknowledged to The Buffalo News that they have yet to line up political support, or reach out to the Bills, for a project that touches two areas – the team and development of the outer harbor – that has produced its share of cynicism. They are banking on the City of Buffalo and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo allowing them an option on a 167-acre site so they can convince the National Football League that a stunning facility is ready to be built in Buffalo.

If built, the project is expected to take at least five years and the end result will be an indoor stadium with covered parking for 5,000, as well as a hotel and retail and dining establishments, and a North American Museum of Sports and Culture.

Ralph Wilson Stadium, formerly known as Rich Stadium, was built in 1973.

A rendering of the new stadium can be seen at the Buffalo News website.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.