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Do Bills Fans Really Want Ryan Fitzpatrick Cut Or Benched?

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Buffalo Bills fans have told the editor-in-chief of Buffalo Rumblings that Ryan Fitzpatrick should be cut or benched for 18 straight days. Just how widespread is this belief?

Rick Stewart

Here's a stat for everyone here at Buffalo Rumblings that, even to me - the guy presenting it as fact - sounds made up. I assure you, however, that the number is not fabricated. Believe me, I wish it were.

Today, October 24, marked consecutive day No. 18 in which I received at least one email, text message, tweet or verbal salvo from the large chunk of Buffalo Bills fans I interact with on a daily basis (which is largely constituted by Rumblers) stating that the Bills should either bench or cut quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's two and a half weeks where, without fail, I've had to respond to that in some fashion.

Note that the figure does not include comments and FanPosts on the pages of Buffalo Rumblings. That consecutive days streak would be significantly more impressive. These are all personal transmissions sent from one person directly to me.

I'm therefore posting this poll more out of morbid curiosity than anything, because I'm legitimately interested in how many people are actually advocating one of those bold moves, versus simply yelling in my general direction. I'm particularly interested because of the weirdest part of all of this: the overwhelming majority (as in, all but one or two) of the various messages have been of the "immediate" variety, not the "after the season" variety.

Through seven games this season, Fitzpatrick has completed 61 percent of his passes for 1,435 yards with 15 touchdowns, nine interceptions and a quarterback rating of 86.1. He's been sacked eight times, lost two fumbles, and has added 95 rushing yards on 22 carries. As a team, the Bills are averaging 22.1 points per game from the offense. Within all of that, Fitzpatrick's most-known traits - his streakiness, his touch-and-go accuracy, his turnover tendencies, and everything else we discuss on a daily basis - have been on display early and often.

Before you vote, I want you to think very carefully about your answer - particularly if you've contacted me personally about this. If you're advocating for Fitzpatrick's benching, you're advocating for letting either Tyler Thigpen or Tarvaris Jackson play. If you're advocating for Fitzpatrick's release, you're advocating for either of those backups plus eating whatever guaranteed money remains unpaid in the six-year, $59 million contract extension he signed last October. Those things are precisely why the Bills won't be making a change at quarterback in the land of reality; is it safe to assume that if you've voted for either of those options, you're simply trying to preserve your sanity with a "change for the sake of change" vote?

Again: please keep in mind that I'm asking this question as it pertains to the next nine games, and not what may happen after the season concludes. The poll is below, and the comments section is all yours. Go!