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NFL Week 8 Predictions: Buffalo Bills Won't Spoil Otherwise Perfect Records

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Buffalo Rumblings makes its Week 8 picks despite the fact that the Buffalo Bills are on a bye. Who do you like this weekend?

Rick Stewart

There were 13 games played in the NFL last week. I correctly predicted the outcome of 12 of them. The one game I missed? I chose to roll with the Buffalo Bills over Tennessee, of course. Thanks a lot, Buffalo. Come on.

Those pesky Bills are on their bye this week, so my dream of a perfect week of prognosticating is alive and well. My picks are below; we'd love to hear yours, as well.

Vikings 27, Buccaneers 17: I can't quite get a read on Tampa Bay. They've got a lot going for them, but their record isn't great. That's probably indicative of them being a year away.

Bears 31, Panthers 20: I'll keep saying that Chicago won't always get gobs of turnovers every game, and that it'll catch up with them. I mean, seriously - 21 turnovers in six games? Get it together, Bears opponents. That said, they shouldn't have a problem disposing of Carolina.

Chargers 24, Browns 20: San Diego remains annoying, but they're still better than Cleveland. The Chargers should be on upset alert, though.

Seahawks 28, Lions 23: This game could go either way, but there's something wrong with Matthew Stafford. I know it, the Seahawks know it, and untold thousands of fantasy owners know it, too.

Packers 45, Jaguars 10: Okay... maybe the Jaguars will lose by less than 35. Probably not, though. Green Bay is heating up.

Jets 23, Dolphins 20: I'll take the home team and the complex defense against a rookie quarterback, regardless of how impressive said rookie has been.

Eagles 30, Falcons 28: Atlanta is going to stumble at some point. Philadelphia's going to have a great game at some point. Why not this week? (I've jinxed it.)

Steelers 21, Redskins 20: If this game were in DC, I'd roll with RGIII. Something is holding me back from picking that team on the road, though. This is my game of the week.

Patriots 31, Rams 19: St. Louis continues to prove every week that they're a tough out - but for a second straight game, they're also facing an overpowering offense.

Titans 27, Colts 24: Go Colts. Screw you, Nate Washington.

Raiders 28, Chiefs 17: It's not that I'm particularly high on Oakland. It's just... Brady Quinn, you guys.

Giants 27, Cowboys 21: Dallas is almost as ace at losing in agonizing ways as Buffalo is these days. The Giants continue to play well.

Broncos 38, Saints 35: Normally I'd be all about a Peyton Manning versus Drew Brees free-for-all - actually, I still am - but I'm a bit nervous that the Saints' atrocious defense won't keep this game competitive, regardless of how well Brees plays.

49ers 27, Cardinals 13: Arizona is headed in the wrong direction. At some point, San Francisco is going to get it back together offensively.

Last Week: 12-1
NFL Prediction Record: 65-39
Bills Prediction Record: 4-3