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Is Bills Head Coach Chan Gailey On The "Hot Seat"?

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Back in June, 72 percent of Buffalo Bills fans voting believed that Chan Gailey had a better than 50/50 chance of keeping his job beyond the 2012 season. How much has that figure changed four months later?

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Back in June, about a month prior to the start of Buffalo Bills training camp, we asked you - the Buffalo Rumblings community - to assess the job security of head coach Chan Gailey. At that point in time, a very small minority of the voting community (12 percent) believed that Gailey had a better than 50/50 shot of getting fired after the season, while the majority (72 percent) viewed him as safe.

Of course, we asked that question during a moment in time when Bills fans were riding a tidal wave of optimism following an exciting off-season. At that time, Gailey had an 87 percent approval rating from the community; it got as high as 88 percent in August before plummeting to 64 percent in September, and then to an all-time low of 20 percent this month. [Chan Gailey approval polls]

The Bills are on a bye this week, so we thought it'd be a good time to re-assess that question we posed to you in June: how safe is Gailey?

We're not asking for what you'd do if you were in charge, mind you; that would be a pretty boring and universally answered poll, no? Instead, we're asking you to critically assess what you perceive to be the relevant factors in whether or not Gailey gets a fourth season in Buffalo, and place odds on his return based on your assessment. Some factors you may consider include his relationship with GM Buddy Nix (not to mention your take on Nix's own job security), his 13-26 overall record (including 2-12 in the AFC East), his stellar work with essentially every facet of the offense, and his inability to field a competent defense throughout his tenure. There are undoubtedly dozens of others that you can point out in the comments section.

The poll is below, and the comments section is yours. If we do this right, this could be a pretty fascinating discussion.