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NFL Week 8 Rooting Interests On Buffalo Bills Bye Week

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Whether you're a Buffalo Bills fan still interested in following the team's playoff chances or in attaining the highest draft pick possible, Buffalo Rumblings has you covered in today's bye week cheering guide.

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The Buffalo Bills are on their bye this week, which means that unless you're really invested in the fortunes of your fantasy team, you'll likely be able to enjoy a weekend of football completely free of stress and misery.

If that idea just doesn't sit well with you, however, you may be interested in monitoring games that will directly affect Buffalo's league standing this week. Whether you're the kind of fan that doesn't give up your playoff hopes until they're mathematically extinguished or the fan that wants the team to lose out to attain the highest draft pick possible, this week's rooting guide has you covered.

Playoff Rooting Interests

  • Dolphins (3-3) over Jets (3-4): The Jets have a win in hand on Miami, and get them at home this time. Buffalo has yet to play Miami. If the Dolphins can leave the Meadowlands with a win, they'll be a full game ahead of Buffalo - but without a tie-breaker, making them theoretically easier to catch. A Jets win would give them a half-game lead on Buffalo with a tie-breaker in hand.
  • Rams (3-4) over Patriots (4-3): Well, obviously. We believe in you, Sam Bradford.
  • Colts (3-3) over Titans (3-4): The Titans have a head-to-head tie-breaker on Buffalo thanks to last week's fiasco, and the Bills will play the Colts just before Thanksgiving. Like the Dolphins above, that makes Indy a bit easier to catch in theory. Plus, who really wants the Titans to win this game? Gross.
  • Saints (2-4) over Broncos (3-3): In what might end up being the highest-scoring game of the weekend, you should be rooting for the NFC team to beat the AFC team.

2012 NFL Draft Rooting Interests

  • Lions (2-4) over Seahawks (4-3): Buffalo plays the Seahawks later this season. Strength of schedule helps to determine the draft order in the event of tie-breakers, so the weaker Buffalo's schedule, the better.
  • Packers (4-3) over Jaguars (1-5): The same logic from above applies here, as the Bills play Mike Mularkey and the Jaguars later on this season.


  • Browns (1-6) over Chargers (3-3): A Chargers win would weaken Buffalo's strength of schedule (and thus their draft positioning), but would hurt their playoff chances. We'll leave it up to you who to root for here.
  • Chiefs (1-5) over Raiders (2-4): Again, the same logic from above applies, as a Raiders win would weaken Buffalo's strength of schedule but put Oakland into the playoff conversation.