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NFL Week 8: Bye Week Open Thread For Bills Fans

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Buffalo Bills fans enjoy a weekend of football that we sincerely hope will be free of the angst usually provided by the Buffalo Bills.


Why hello there, Buffalo Bills fan. Welcome to the last week we'll have without having to watching our favorite team play until the off-season!

While the Bills are on their bye this weekend, those Buffalo Rumblers hardcore enough to stop by during said bye week can partake in this open thread to discuss the goings-on around the NFL. (You're encouraged to check out the coverage at other team blogs, as well, in the event that you're looking to converse with other people and/or bring some ideas back for our game day coverage here!)

Most of today's games are taking place in the early slot, with nine of the dozen games scheduled for the day kicking off at 1:00. Out of those nine, there are several intriguing matchups, starting with the Steelers versus Redskins and including the Jets and Dolphins, Rams and Patriots, and Eagles versus Falcons.

Later on in the afternoon, we'll get to watch the Cowboys take on the Giants, and the nightcap will be a potential barn-burner between Drew Brees and the Saints and Peyton Manning and the Broncos. It should be a fun afternoon. Enjoy, everyone!