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"Major Changes" Could Be Looming For Buffalo Bills, Per Report

The Buffalo Bills are 13-26 in two-plus seasons under the watch of GM Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey. Some NFL executives don't think they'll have much more time to improve that record.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Over the summer months, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey were very popular men - Nix in particular, who had just put the finishing touches on one of the most historically significant off-seasons in club history. Now on the cusp of November, however, there is growing sentiment around the league that Nix and Gailey may not be long for Buffalo.

"This year in particular, (NFL) execs expect to see more front office movement than the norm," writes Jason La Canfora of "Besides Carolina, Cleveland, Kansas City, San Diego, Jacksonville, Buffalo, and the New York Jets have been identified as franchises where major changes could be looming."

It's important to note that the executives La Canfora is speaking with may simply be speculating about that list of teams that may end up making moves. That's still, of course, a far different situation than if you or I were doing said speculating. Our advice: don't take this as a sign of impending change, but don't write it off, either.

These next nine weeks are incredibly important for Gailey and Nix, in particular. Gailey's 20 percent approval rating last month was his lowest score handed out by this community - even lower than the day he became the highly unpopular replacement to Dick Jauron (24 percent approved of the hiring). Nix's approval rating, meanwhile, has fallen a whopping 55 percent (from 96 percent to 41 percent) in two short months. Clearly, fans are disgruntled with the duo. (Or maybe they're just disgruntled and taking it out on the duo.) If these anonymous league executives are to be believed, Ralph Wilson is disgruntled, as well.

We'll leave it to you to speculate what changes might be "looming" in Buffalo, if any - but if you click that La Canfora link above, you'll also see that Bill Polian is itching to return to an NFL front office. We imagine that will pique the interest of many of you.

La Canfora writes: "Some thought Polian might retire after his long tenure with the Colts ended amid all the corresponding drama about the end of Peyton Manning's career in Indianapolis, but he is open to NFL opportunities, sources said."

The report also notes that Polian would likely entertain opportunities that included his son, Chris, in a package deal; the two worked together in Indianapolis, as well. Polian, who still refers to himself as "a Buffalo guy," was placed on the team's Wall of Fame at halftime of last Sunday's loss to Tennessee.