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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 10/3

The final columns regarding the Buffalo Bills' epic loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday were published Tuesday. Get your final round-up before we move along to the San Francisco 49ers in today's collected links.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Gailey determined to fortify mental toughness -
"It hasn’t been a concern, but you can’t be ahead 21-7 in the third quarter, if we’re mentally tough like we need to be that game doesn’t end up the way it ended up," said Gailey in reference to Sunday’s loss to New England. "That’s my responsibility, to work on the mental toughness and the mindset of this football team."

From the Booth: Patriots at Bills -
"We’ve got some thoughts on the Buffalo run defense and other issues in this week’s installment of "From the Booth""

Bills shuffle practice squad -
"Buffalo signed DB Mana Silva and G/OT Andrew Jackson to the practice squad. To make room for Jackson and Silva on the practice squad the Bills waived CB Isaiah Green and TE LaMark Brown."

Bills Rewind: Buffalo-New England Highlights - VIDEO -
"Here are some of the plays that formed the Bills 52-28 loss to the Patriots, as called by John Murphy and Mark Kelso. "

Inside The Bills | Mario: Fans have a right to be angry
"I definitely have experienced the passion of the fans good and bad," Williams told Smith. "We win a couple of games and it’s a lot different atmosphere where the city is chattering. And after this last game it’s definitely different and when we don’t do what we’re supposed to they have every right to be upset."

Inside The Bills | Bruce to be in for Titans game
"He probably won’t be the only former Bills player from the early 90′s AFC title teams in attendance, but Hall of Famer Bruce Smith said he intends to be on hand when Bill Polian goes on the Bills Wall of Fame when Buffalo hosts Tennessee on Oct. 21st."

Inside The Bills | Mario: missed tackles cost us
"Those 28 points off turnovers are on us. We have to answer the bell and stop their momentum. That’s something that we didn’t do. For whatever reason we had the most missed tackles in a game this season. In fact there were more than in the first three games combined. We also weren’t in the proper gaps and not playing the scheme right across the board."

Bills struggling to turn over new leaf on offense - The Buffalo News
"Consistency was the buzzword for the Buffalo Bills’ offense coming into the 2012 season. A quarter of the way into it, though, the results have been anything but. From game to game – sometimes even half to half – it’s been feast or famine. The offense’s inability to protect the ball has been the biggest reason why."

49ers preview with San Francisco Chronicle's Eric Branch | Press Coverage
"To get a better idea of what to expect from the first of those teams on the two-game West Coast trip, the San Francisco 49ers, I spoke with 49ers beat writer Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle."

Bills add Mana Silva, Andrew Jackson to practice squad | Press Coverage
"Silva, 6-foot-1 and 214 pounds, was with the Bills on the practice squad for five weeks last season. He was released from the Dallas Cowboys' 53-man roster last week when the team signed former Buffalo punter Brian Moorman."

Chan Gailey explains why Bills stayed in nickel defense | Press Coverage
"That is a concern, and that's where you have to weigh who's going to play in there. How do you play your ends, how do you play your tackles? How much do you blitz to try to offset some of that? We know the problems, and how do you offset some of that," Gailey said.

Justin Rogers learns valuable lesson in matchup with Welker | Press Coverage
"He's effective. He's proven that over the years. You can say what you're going to do to him, until you really get out there," Rogers said. "It was definitely a learning experience. There were some things I could have done better. The thing is, you've got to get your hands on him, but it's easier said than done. Like I said, it's a learning experience. There's things I know now I could have done in the game."

WGR 550 - WHITE: Eye In The Sky Week 4 - Closing The Gap
"Fitzpatrick had Four touchdowns. Four interceptions. He made great throws to Brad Smith and Fred Jackson down the field but the Patriots secondary allowed for many more that simply weren’t converted. Watching the film and focusing a bit on Stevie Johnson it’s safe to say I could have done this piece on him alone. He’s open. All the time."

WGR 550 - SCHOPP: No Looking Back
"I say enough with the past. I don't need Polian at age 70 and I don't need Jim Kelly or Darryl Talley mentoring Bills players and I sure as hell didn't need Marv Levy running the football department. No offense or anything. I know Buffalo loves its past to the point of obsession. But that's not how I would try to make this team good."

Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Thoughts: As usual, it was a mixed bag from Fitzpatrick, who continues to be one of the streakiest quarterbacks in the NFL. Fitzpatrick had four touchdown passes and four interceptions. It wasn’t a good or bad performance. The big plays were nullified by the big mistakes. Fitzpatrick put in a lot of work to be more consistent. But he continues his career pattern of up-and-down play."

Video: Blogger Blitz - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"AFC East blogger James Walker talks about Mario Williams' disappointing performance so far this season."

Power Rankings: Jets fall hard - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"The Patriots won a big game in Buffalo to avoid a 1-3 start. New England is still a force in the AFC and moved up two spots. The Bills fell two spots to No. 21 after allowing 52 points to the Patriots."

NFL: Week 4 knee-jerk reactions - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Knee Jerk: "Buffalo's defense allowed 52 points and is the worst group in the NFL. This is the biggest disappointment in the league." Reality: "It was an ugly performance, but I allow a free pass against the motivated Patriots. The defense is capable of playing better, and it will. The Bills can't do much worse."

Are the Bills mentally weak? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Are the Bills a mentally weak team? There aren't many other ways to explain giving up 35 unanswered points at home. Once the Patriots got rolling, the Bills folded."

Stock Watch: AFC East - AFC East Blog - ESPN
The stock is falling for the defense, per James Walker, who said, "What...was...that?"

Both Sides of the Coin: Bills vs.Patriots - Pats Pulpit
"There was a whole lot to like about Sunday's 52-28 win over the Buffalo Bills. There was also a whole lot to intensely dislike about Sunday's win. Here are a few of each."

DUVALL: Too soon to call Mario a bust - Tonawanda News
"Here’s the reality: The Bills gave out the biggest contract in the history of the league for a defensive player because that’s what it would take to convince anyone of Williams’ status to come here. The money was always going to be disproportionate to the player. The reality is Williams is a good pass rusher coming off a season-ending injury and adjusting to a new defense."

Bills fail first big test - Wellsville Daily Reporter
"Chan Gailey called it a "measuring stick" game and Mario Williams referred to the game as a "prime opportunity." Turns out, the Buffalo Bills came out looking quite small in letting a gigantic statement opportunity flutter away. With a chance to gauge itself against an NFL power, the Bills again were punished relentlessly by nemesis Tom Brady."

Playoff path now tougher for the Bills - Olean Times Herald
"It’s hard not to see Buffalo as the team totally debunked in the losses to the Jets and Pats, rather than the one that beat NFL also-rans Kansas City and Cleveland."