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Buffalo Bills Podcast: We Need Your Input, Buffalo Rumblings

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After a much-needed bye week, the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast will return this week as the Buffalo Bills get ready for the Houston Texans.

Tom Szczerbowski

Just like the Buffalo Bills did, the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast took the week off last week - and, just like the Bills, we're back in action this week getting ready for Sunday's Week 9 matchup with the Houston Texans.

Tonight, Brendan Harrington and I will sit down to record this week's podcast, which will be posted for your consumption sometime on Wednesday. Topics we are likely to address include the following, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Mario Williams' return to Houston, his arthroscopic wrist surgery, and the continuing drama surrounding the star defensive end;
  • The Jason La Canfora report speculating on potential organizational overhaul and Bill Polian's apparent desire to return to the NFL;
  • Monitoring the team's injury situation, particularly regarding the offensive line and other injured starters;
  • And, of course, the second half of Buffalo's schedule, starting with Sunday's game in Houston.

If you have anything to add on the above topics for discussion on the podcast, let us know in the comments section. More importantly, if there's another topic you believe is worth exploring on the recording, we're certainly up for those, as well.