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Are The Buffalo Bills Still AFC Playoff Contenders?

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Buffalo Bills fans aren't holding out much hope that their 3-4 football team will make the playoffs, but the folks at USA Today still believe.

Rick Stewart

Today, the Buffalo Bills come in at No. 10 in the NFL's playoff race in the AFC, and are one of a whopping eight games between Nos. 4 and 11 that are either 4-3 or 3-4 on the season. While the team's performance of late has Bills fans doubting (to put it mildly) the team's playoff chances, the folks at USA Today still believe Buffalo will make the post-season.

Yes, we're serious. Apparently they are, too.

The national newspaper gives the Bills a grade of 'C' for their 3-4 start, saying that the team has an "identity crisis". They then go on to predict, however, that the Bills will rise from the sludge and grab the final wild card spot in the conference, where they'd join Denver, New England, Houston, Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the bracket.

"The winner of (the Indianapolis Colts') Nov. 25 game with the Buffalo Bills will make the playoffs," the paper writes in Indy's blurb. "Since we already went on record as saying the Bills are in, we'll stick with them."

Buffalo is 1-2 at home this season, including a Week 7 loss to Tennessee that preceded the team's bye week. They have the second-worst statistical defense in the NFL, and their competent offense has been mistake-prone in crucial situations. The 3-4 outfit plays two playoff shoo-ins in Houston and New England in the next two weeks. If USA Today is correct, and the Bills are about to embark on an unlikely second-half run to the post-season, they may have to do so from a 3-6 hole.

What do you think, Bills fans? Are you on board with USA Today, or are you chuckling sadly at this one?