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New Buffalo Bills Stadium Lease Imminent, Per Report

A local newspaper is reporting that a deal between Erie County, New York State and the Buffalo Bills may come within the next 7-10 days.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Despite much larger stories involving the New York State political map at the moment, it seems a new lease between the Buffalo Bills and local governments is on the horizon, if you believe a report from the Niagara Falls Reporter. Former newspaper and television reporter, Buffalo politician, and current contributor at the Reporter Tony Farina writes in the October 30 edition that a deal between the parties is "imminent" and could happen "within a week or ten days."

"We have learned from sources familiar with the negotiations that an announcement is expected shortly on a new lease barring any last-minute snag," writes Farina. "The sources say the lease will be in the 8-to-10 year range that would give all parties time to evaluate the long-term viability of the aging stadium which will need more than $200 million in renovations just to stay viable in the short term."

New York officials were not available for comment Monday, and it's unlikely you'll find anyone who will talk about topics other than the clean up from Superstorm Sandy right now. Bills CEO Russ Brandon appeared on radio station WGR 550 in Buffalo on Wednesday morning and offered little on the topic, saying the report was "news to me".

"We've been working hard with the County and the State over the last month and a half," said Brandon. "We've had productive discussions. There's nothing imminent at all other than the fact that we continue to have very productive discussions with both parties. We're working hard towards getting to a resolution we all want, which is a lease agreement here at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"Yeah, there has been progress because we've been talking," added Brandon. "This facility can stand the test of time. There's no way it shouldn't. As long as the bones and the structure of this stadium are solid for years to come, there's no reason why this stadium can't flourish."

Brandon also squelched any talk of the proposed stadium in Niagara Falls, saying there was "nothing to it" and calling Ralph Wilson Stadium "the Fenway of the NFL."