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Buffalo Rumblings' Week 5 NFL Predictions

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Buffalo Rumblings makes its Week 4 NFL picks. Won't you, too?

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Each Thursday this season, I'm going to predict the outcome of every NFL game that weekend - including games played by the Buffalo Bils, of course. I generally am not very good at this, but thankfully, the job is made easier by the fact that I won't have to pick against any sort of spread. Still, I'm betting if y'all play along, many of you will wipe the floor with me. On to the Week 5 picks!

Cardinals 17, Rams 13: I continue to like the Rams, but Arizona is just a bit more explosive on both sides of the ball.

Bengals 27, Dolphins 23: Maybe we, as Bills fans, should be a little bit worried about Ryan Tannehill - especially if the pass rush can't find its legs.

Packers 35, Colts 20: This is a matchup of a struggling good team against a re-building team in a very tough spot. Get well soon, Coach Pagano.

Ravens 31, Chiefs 10: When your head coach is thinking about making Brady Quinn the starting quarterback, things are not going well for your football team.

Giants 24, Browns 10: Remember when the Browns hosed the Giants the year after they won the Super Bowl in 2007? Tom Coughlin probably does, too.

Steelers 20, Eagles 14: The Steelers are coming off of a bye week and are getting healthier. The Eagles are really hard to figure out, so I'll take the safer bet here.

Falcons 28, Redskins 22: Matt Ryan's hot start will continue, trumping the hot start of Robert Griffin III.

Panthers 27, Seahawks 24: Carolina has to get itself together, because they're a talented football team. I don't like Seattle's offense enough on the road to not take the home team.

Bears 30, Jaguars 17: Chicago strikes me as a bit of a paper tiger; that's still better than Jacksonville's paper sloth.

Vikings 24, Titans 13: Leslie Frazier is doing a great job in Minnesota, isn't he?

Patriots 34, Broncos 24: Go get 'em, Peyton Manning. Hit that deep pass.

Saints 31, Chargers 27: Again, I don't trust the Chargers. New Orleans' defense is horrible, but their offense isn't. The Saints have to get over the hump sometime.

Texans 27, Jets 7: What a brutal stretch of weeks this has been for the Jets. Holy cow.

49ers 31, Bills 21: I don't expect Buffalo to play as poorly as they did in the second half against New England. I don't expect this game to be a blowout. San Francisco, however, is the better team, the more talented team, and the home team. Buffalo is still too prone to stretches of aggravatingly inconsistent play to pick against a Super Bowl contender.

Last Week: 11-4
NFL Prediction Record: 37-26
Bills Prediction Record: 3-1

Feel free to use this as your Thursday Night Football open thread as well, friends.