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Bills vs. 49ers 2012 Preview: Google Hangout

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Check out a Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers preview video from the managers of SB Nation's Bills and 49ers sites and

The 2-2 Buffalo Bills will travel three time zones to their left this weekend to take on the 3-1 San Francisco 49ers in Week 5 action. That will kick off a stretch of two straight games out west, with the Bills spending a week in Arizona before playing against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6.

We'll have our usual lengthy and in-depth preview up on Saturday morning, but in the meantime, David Fucillo of Niners Nation and I have decided to flex our technological muscles and conduct a live video preview tonight. If you're here during the 8:00 PM ET hour on Thursday night, this video is likely live; any time after, and you're getting the archived version.

Again, this thing will be kicking off at 8PM. If I wince in pain or you hear occasional loud background noise on my end, it's my insane feline duo of Sally and Luna doing their work; pay it no attention. Let's talk Bills and Niners!