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NFL Week 5: Early Games Open Thread, Pre-Bills/49ers

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Buffalo Rumblings is eagerly awaiting this afternoon's Buffalo Bills vs. San Francisco 49ers game. In the meantime, they're discussing the goings-on of the early games.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers don't kick off their Week 5 game until 4:25 PM ET, being out on the left coast and all. As such, we've got a little time to kill before getting to the action we most care about.

This is an open thread for you to discuss the six early games going on: Bengals versus Dolphins; Colts versus Packers; Chiefs versus Ravens; Giants versus Browns; Steelers versus Eagles; and Redskins versus Falcons. You're also welcome to discuss other football topics near and dear to you, such as the fate or strategies of your fantasy teams and the upcoming Bills game.

We'll see everyone for full coverage a bit later in the afternoon. If you're checking out for the early games, check back in at 3:00 or shortly thereafter, when the Bills inactives are expected to be revealed. Until then, enjoy your early afternoons on the second day of a three-day weekend, Bills fans!