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49ers 38, Bills 3: Grab A Brew

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The San Francisco 49ers now lead the Buffalo Bills 38-3. Colin Kaepernick scored on a 16-yard touchdown run in the latest bit of horrendous defense from Buffalo. In a horrific bit of torture, there's still 9:55 to go in this... well, it's not a game, really. This circumstance? Event? Shellacking? Shellacking. Yeah, shellacking.

The 49ers now have 552 yards of offense, which means that the Bills don't have a defense. They just do not. They have 11 guys lined up that are apparently comprised of vapor and light, because they sure as heck don't seem like they're made of solid matter. Or maybe they're just bad. Yeah, they're bad.

Seriously, though: the 49ers have a 300-yard passer, 100-yard rusher and two 100-yard receivers for the first time in 51 years. That's the Bills' defense right now - they're allowing the craziest records conceivable to be broken. Some of these records being set sound like they're being made up on the spot.