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NFL Week 9 Predictions: Can Buffalo Upset Houston?

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Be sure to get your Pick 6 picks in, as well as your Bills vs. Texans predictions!

Rick Stewart

Before we get into our Week 9 NFL picks and our predictions for this weekend's game between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Texans, let's get as many Rumblers as possible back into playing SB Nation's Pick 6 on a weekly basis. This blog dominated the game in the early going, with a Rumbler sitting atop the overall leaderboard in three of the first four weeks. Our numbers have dropped off lately and it's caused folks from other, less desirable blogs to take the Pick 6 throne. No longer. Make your picks today - because even if you don't win, you're probably going to dominate me, at least.

On to the picks! We'd love to see your Bills/Texans predictions, as well, so leave a comment below.

Chargers 28, Chiefs 10: I've become addicted to Thursday night football since Time Warner Cable reached an agreement with NFL Network. This, however, may be a night for some Mass Effect. For those of you that do watch: bring antacid.

Broncos 27, Bengals 24: It'd be nice if Cincinnati were playing up to its potential; if they were, this would be a hum-dinger of a matchup. I'll take Peyton Manning on the road, but Cincy has what it takes to make this a close one.

Ravens 20, Browns 13: Baltimore is its usual self, i.e. they put up at least one real stinker per season. They might make it two in a row against a Browns team that has played better of late, but Baltimore won't drop this one.

Packers 37, Cardinals 21: After a 4-0 start, the Cardinals have lost four straight. Who do they think they are, the Buffalo Bills?

Dolphins 23, Colts 17: Two of the AFC's surprise playoff contenders square off in Indy this weekend. Miami has a much more solid team from top to bottom, but obviously, we're pulling for Andrew Luck in these parts. (Right?)

Lions 34, Jaguars 16: If Matthew Stafford has any regard whatsoever for his thousands of fantasy owners, he'll keep playing like he did last week. The Lions sure would appreciate it, too.

Bears 26, Titans 14: I've said all along that Chicago is a bit of a paper tiger, what with their turnover and defensive touchdown pace that won't be maintained for the full season. They've got more than enough to handle Tennessee with ease, however.

Redskins 31, Panthers 25: I watched that Pittsburgh/Washington game last week. Even in his worst pro performance to date, I thought RGIII was a stud. He needs weapons, though.

Buccaneers 30, Raiders 24: Oakland is yet another AFC team trying to sneak back into the playoff race (in a pretty weak division, too), but Tampa Bay is playing very good football lately, particularly on offense.

Seahawks 24, Vikings 17: Seattle is better than what they showed last week, and Minnesota has come back to earth a bit. The Seahawks should take care of business at home.

Giants 31, Steelers 24: I'm hoping that this game can serve as a palate cleanser after a Bills/Texans game that I'm not expecting to enjoy very much. This game should be awesome.

Falcons 34, Cowboys 24: I have no rooting interest in the Dallas Cowboys - obviously - so it's amazing to me that they are actually more excruciating to watch, in my opinion, than Buffalo is. That team should be very good, but they're incredibly adept at shooting themselves in the foot.

Saints 28, Eagles 27: Pick your poison here. Saints defense? Michael Vick? I'll take the home team and the better quarterback. Are there two more disappointing teams this year than New Orleans and Philly?

Texans 41, Bills 20: I have maintained, and will continue to maintain, that the Bills have enough individual talent to compete with any team on any stage. I also fully expect them to look crisper than they have in recent weeks coming off of the bye. They are capable of pulling off an upset. That said, that sort of low-odds event would require Houston to play poorly; I don't think they will. The Texans are a well-oiled machine at this point, and even if Buffalo keeps it competitive early, Houston should be able to find a way to distance themselves from a weaker team late.

Last Week: 8-6
NFL Prediction Record: 73-45
Bills Prediction Record: 4-3