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Bills vs. Patriots: Today Is "Tom Brady Day" On Facebook

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Buffalo Bills fans harmlessly heckle New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady before he likely drops a 40-burger on their favorite team in Week 10. But that's fine, because we love Brady, too!

Frederick Breedon

I’m writing this is as both my welcome post to the Buffalo Rumblings community and as a kick start to what I’m hoping will a fun little pro-Buffalo game prior to tomorrow's game between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots.

A (very little) bit about me: I run the Buffalo Rumblings Facebook page, and despite being born and raised in Rochester, NY, I’ve lived in Boston for the past decade. Many Sundays, I meet up with 100 of my best friends to watch the games at The Bleacher Bar in Boston. One of my proudest moments at these events came last October, the second of only two Bills victories against the Pats witnessed here since I’ve moved:

As a Boston-based Bills fan, I’ve been living in an area where the quarterback of a divisional rival is not only loved or revered, but borderline obsessively worshipped. A quick Google search finds the Boston Globe covering his hairstyle and the local ABC affiliate informing everyone that his wife likes his scarred nose. And why shouldn’t these articles exist? After all, the NFL creates rules for this guy.

Your task is simple: we issue a challenge that Bills fans can do better. Show how much you "love" Tom Brady. Go to our Facebook page and upload your favorite Tom Brady photo, meme, animated GIF, or anything else Brady-related that you love. Show the love, like others' images, and let’s make today Tom Brady Day on Facebook. Because unless we get Victory No. 3 on Sunday, we may need to fall back on a little humor.