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Patriots Up 17-3 On Bills After Danny Woodhead Touchdown

Remember when the Buffalo Bills were within one score of the New England Patriots? Yeah, that lasted all of three minutes. That's how long it took Tom Brady and company to march 83 yards in eight plays for yet another touchdown.

Danny Woodhead ran the ball in untouched from 15 yards out to give the Patriots a 17-3 lead. 9:13 remains in the second quarter.

Rob Gronkowski had a 24-yard reception on the drive to help set up the score, and on top of his touchdown run, Woodhead added a 15-yard reception to convert a 3rd and 7 and sustain the drive.

New England already has two rushing touchdowns on the day; that puts their running rushing touchdown total against the Bills up to six on the season. Who needs Tom Brady when you can score at will on the ground?

Buffalo takes over looking for a score on a second consecutive possession.