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Rob Gronkowski Caps Off Penalty-Aided Scoring Drive; Patriots 24, Bills 10

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The New England Patriots now lead the Buffalo Bills 24-10, and their latest touchdown drive was supplied almost entirely by Bills penalty yardage. The 81-yard scoring drive featured three separate Bills penalties - two pass interference calls and a facemask on Stephon Gilmore - that totaled 69 of those 81 yards.

Rob Gronkowski caught a two-yard touchdown pass to cap off the drive. He now has nine touchdowns in six career games against the Bills.

Jairus Byrd was flagged for the first pass interference while covering Gronkowski. That was a poor call; there was clearly a penalty, but as Tom Brady targeted Julian Edelman on the play, it should have been a five-yard illegal contact penalty, rather than a 15-yard pass interference. Similarly, Gilmore's lengthy penalty came on a significant end zone overthrow; arguably, the flag should've been picked up due to the uncatchable nature of the throw.

Alas, the Bills trail by two scores again. They've got three minutes to try to close the gap before halftime.