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Danny Woodhead Scores Again, Patriots Lead Bills 31-17

Yet another Buffalo Bills penalty gave the New England Patriots excellent field position, and Tom Brady and company made the Bills pay by extending their third-quarter lead to 31-17.

Ron Brooks, forced out of bounds as a punt gunner by two Patriots, did not get back into the field of play fast enough, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Four plays and just 39 yards later, Danny Woodhead hauled in a Brady pass and eked the ball into the end zone for an 18-yard scoring play.

Woodhead, a notorious Bills killer, now has two touchdowns on the day - one through the air and one on the ground.

The Patriots touchdown came after the teams swapped poor opening possessions at the start of the second half. Kyle Williams sacked Brady to snuff out New England's opening possession, but Ryan Fitzpatrick took a delay of game penalty on the ensuing drive to force a Shawn Powell punt. That's when Brooks helped give all of the momentum back to New England.

7:14 remains in the third quarter. Can Buffalo's offense get back on track and keep the Bills within shouting distance?