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Stephen Gostkowski FG Gives Patriots 34-24 Lead Over Bills

The streak has been broken: the New England Patriots had responded to each Buffalo Bills touchdown today with a touchdown of their own. Following a Fred Jackson touchdown, however, the Patriots could only muster a field goal; Stephen Gostkowski knocked the kick in from 48 yards, and the Patriots now lead the Bills 34-24 with 14:10 to play.

Stephon Gilmore brought down Deion Branch short of the first down marker to stall the Patriots' drive. Rather than putting the pedal to the metal and going for it on 4th & 2, Bill Belichick elected to kick the field goal to cap off a seven-play, 50-yard drive.

Stevan Ridley had the biggest play on the field goal drive, ripping off a 24-yard run going untouched through the line of scrimmage.

Buffalo gets the ball back with plenty of time - and for the first time today, the offense will have a chance to get within a touchdown of the Patriots.