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Patriots 37, Bills 31: Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Input Needed

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Buffalo Bills fans pick up the pieces after the team's 37-31 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 10.

Jared Wickerham

It's that time of the week again: the Buffalo Bills are coming off of their latest loss, and the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast will be attempting to pick up the pieces with the help of our community.

Tonight, Brendan Harrington and I will sit down to discuss yesterday's gut-wrenching 37-31 loss to the New England Patriots. We'll be covering all of the relevant talking points, of course, but as usual, we're looking for your feedback on the following three topics:

  • Offensive Player of the Game: Unlike last week in Houston, there are a lot of worthy candidates here.
  • Defensive Player of the Game: Perhaps you don't see anyone worth mentioning, but Bills fans can see the silver lining in almost anything, right?
  • Turning Point of the Game: There's a lot to potentially choose from here, as well.

Brendan and I will also be briefly looking ahead to Thursday night's home matchup with the Miami Dolphins, who were pounded by Tennessee in Miami yesterday, 37-3. Might the Bills' losing streak finally come to an end this week? We'd like your feedback on that, too - and if there's anything else you'd like us to touch on, let us know with a comment below.