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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast: Bills vs. Patriots Review, Dolphins Preview

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In the latest episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, host Brendan Harrington needed to download a "bleep" sound effect to get through a Bills/Patriots review in a safe for work manner.

Jim Rogash

The Buffalo Bills lost in dramatic fashion to the New England Patriots in Week 10, and as a result, we had to break out the bleep button in this week's episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast.

Actually, it was more than just "breaking out" the bleep button. Brendan Harrington literally had to go out of his way and download the sound to add it to the podcast; that was a voluntary move on his part, because we both acknowledged prior to the recording that neither of us would likely be able to control the swears. Most of the salty language came up during our conversion about a lovely young man named Brandon Spikes, but fear not: this podcast is still safe for work. (Unless your employer has some weird vendetta against the bleep button.)

Other topics covered in the nearly hour-long session include discussions on several key plays in the 37-31 loss, the underuse of C.J. Spiller, the uncomfortable idea of a "moral victory," a new defensive wrinkle put forth by Dave Wannstedt, and a brief look ahead to Thursday night's home game against the Miami Dolphins. Also, I'm a little worried about one of our more famous community members, 'poz'. Hang in there, buddy!

As always, you can stream the episode below (or here), download it here, or find it on iTunes by searching 'Buffalo Rumblings Podcast'. Enjoy!