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Bills vs. Dolphins: Buffalo Likely To Be Pass-Happy Again

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The Buffalo Bills will probably need points - a lot of them - to beat the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. Expect a lot more throwing from Ryan Fitzpatrick (78 attempts in the past two weeks) as the Bills try to achieve that goal.

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The 3-6 Buffalo Bills still fancy themselves playoff contenders. In order to achieve that goal however, they'll need to answer the call of duty and defeat the Miami Dolphins tomorrow night at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Since we all know what Buffalo's defense is capable of (not much), that means that the onus will be on Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense to score points. Lots of them. What's the best way to go about doing that, you ask? We'll have a lot more on that topic over the next 48 hours, but we'll start by pinging Kevin Nogle, who runs SB Nation's Dolphins community, The Phinsider. Per Nogle, the Bills shouldn't need to alter their attack much from the last two games.

"Throw early and often," Nogle told me. "Attack the Dolphins secondary, and the team will start trying to adjust to assist the cornerbacks, which will open up the run lanes."

Fitzpatrick has thrown the ball a combined 78 times in back-to-back losses to Houston and New England, while the Bills have run the ball just 43 times - and that total includes five Fitzpatrick scrambles. Considering the Bills are down to just one healthy tailback, the easy expectation is for the team to continue to wing it against Miami, despite calls to get Spiller more carries.

Miami comes into this game with the No. 28-ranked pass defense in the NFL, putting them just one slot ahead of the New England team that Fitzpatrick has had a lot of success against this season. He has not, however, had the same success against Miami recently; in two games last season, he completed 51-of-86 passes (59.3 percent completions) for 525 yards (6.1 yards per attempt) with two touchdowns, five interceptions, five sacks taken and three fumbles (none lost) for a quarterback rating of 60.5.

Still, expect to see a lot more of Fitzpatrick tomorrow night - and if things go well there, the Bills may be able to turn the game over to Spiller with a lead for once. If things don't go well, the Bills may be in line for their third straight blowout loss to the Dolphins.

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