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Bills vs. Dolphins: NFL Week 11 Predictions

Buffalo Bills fans make their bold predictions in advance of tonight's Thursday Night Football matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

Mike Ehrmann

We're now eight hours away from kickoff in tonight's nationally televised game between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. As we do every Thursday, it's time to make our NFL predictions for the week - but this time, we get to lead off the effort with our favorite team.

My predictions for tonight (and for Sunday and Monday) are below. We are, of course, very interested in your own game predictions, specifically for tonight, so leave those in the comments section. Go Bills!

Bills 24, Dolphins 20: I'm going into this game with a pretty optimistic outlook. Buffalo matches up pretty well against Miami, in my opinion; their defense is susceptible to the same scheme that ripped through New England's defense a week ago, and the fact that Miami employs an actual pass rusher (Cameron Wake) is offset by the significant drop-off in offensive efficiency on the other side of the ball (Brady you are not, Ryan Tannehill). If Buffalo can cut down on the mistakes - like, say, not committing 14 penalties or turning the ball over three times - they've got more than enough in the tank to outscore the Dolphins tonight.

Other score predictions for the week:

Falcons 35, Cardinals 17: Arizona doesn't have nearly enough on offense to keep up with Atlanta.

Buccaneers 28, Panthers 21: Carolina is playing better of late, but there may not be a hotter quarterback in the NFL than Josh Freeman.

Cowboys 23, Browns 20: Dallas should win this one easily, which means they won't.

Packers 31, Lions 24: They're still banged up, but I've seen enough of these two quarterbacks to understand that Green Bay should win this one, perhaps handily.

Texans 31, Jaguars 10: Houston's good.

Bengals 23, Chiefs 13: Cincinnati's run of easy games begins against a Chiefs team that showed some pluck - then lost in spectacular fashion - on Monday night.

Rams 23, Jets 16: I can't wait to watch the NFL's biggest train wreck lose to the NFL's most boring team.

Redskins 28, Eagles 20: Color me unimpressed with the idea that Nick Foles might out-duel RGIII.

Saints 38, Raiders 28: Remember when New Orleans was 0-4?

Broncos 27, Chargers 19: How does Norv Turner still have a head coaching job?

Patriots 38, Colts 21: Andrew Luck isn't ready to go toe to toe with Tommy Perfect, who is coming off a down week.

Ravens 20, Steelers 16: Two of the more injury-depleted teams in the NFL should beat each other to further smithereens. (I don't know if "further smithereens" even makes sense, and I don't care.)

49ers 20, Bears 14: Chicago's got an uphill battle in games where teams don't spot them gobs of turnovers.

Last Week: 9-4-1
NFL Prediction Record: 93-52-1
Bills Prediction Record: 6-3