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Bills 19, Dolphins 14: NFL Week 11 Photo Gallery

Buffalo Bills fans submit photos from their favorite team's 19-14 win over the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

One of the new editorial features on the SB Nation United platform that we have not used much to date is our ability to post and cultivate photo galleries. Gallery posts, however, are something we hope can become one of our more popular weekly features here at Buffalo Rumblings, despite the general newness of the idea.

If you are taking photos at Buffalo Bills games - whether they be home or away - and are willing to help crowdsource a really cool in-stadium (or in-tailgating lot) experience for folks that couldn't be at the event, we'd love you to send those pictures to our blog's email address, We'll give you full credit for the photo (as you can see within; all of these initial seven photos were submitted to me by friends Pat and Emily) and your work will be published on your favorite Bills blog for fellow fans to ogle.

These initial seven shots were taken from five rows up behind Buffalo's bench last night. We hope to have a few more on the way from us, and we'll happily post any and all that the community is willing to submit, as well. Enjoy!