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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast: We Need Your Bills/Dolphins/Colts Feedback

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Buffalo Bills fans share their opinions on a win over Miami and an upcoming road game in Indianapolis for use in the latest episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast.

Rick Stewart

The Buffalo Bills are now almost five days removed from last Thursday's 19-14 home win over the Miami Dolphins, and they've got another five days with which to prepare for a huge road matchup on Sunday with the Indianapolis Colts. Those Colts, sitting at 6-4, are the current leaders in the AFC wild card race; the 4-6 Bills can make up a full game and get a win in hand by beating Indy at Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend.

Matt Warren and Brendan Harrington will be sitting down to record the latest episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast later this evening, and they'll be focusing, as always, on the win over Miami and the upcoming game against Indy. We're looking for your opinions on the following three topics to feature in the podcast:

  • Offensive Player of the Game: Those of you creative enough to convince us that it's not C.J. Spiller will have earned some sort of medal.
  • Defensive Player of the Game: Seize this opportunity to pick from several candidates, then hope that the defense continues to play well enough to make this an interesting part of our podcast.
  • Turning Point of the Game: At what point did you no longer question the game's outcome? Or at what point do you believe that momentum permanently favored the victors?

And to help us get our Bills/Colts conversations started, answer us this simple question: how well do you think the Bills match up against the Colts, having just watched Indy get blasted on the road by New England? How confident are you feeling about this game heading into the weekend?

Thanks, Rumblers. The podcast will be posted early Wednesday morning, right before the Bills hit the field at One Bills Drive to begin full preparations for Week 12.