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Colts 20, Bills 13: Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Feedback Needed

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Buffalo Rumblings is looking for fan input in its next podcast episode, which will recap the Buffalo Bills' 20-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 12.

Matthew Stockman

It's that time of the week again: the Buffalo Bills have completed another football game, and the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast will be recorded this evening to recap yesterday's 20-13 road loss to the Indianapolis Colts. And, as always, we're looking for your feedback and conversation starters as we prepare for the next episode.

Here's a quick reminder of what we ask fans to discuss leading up to the recording of the show:

  • Offensive Player of the Game: which Bills player was the team's best on offense in Indy? We're guessing the answer will be synonymous "that stud running back who needs approximately double his carry total," but maybe you have another contender in mind, too.
  • Defensive Player of the Game: Perhaps more so than at any other point this year, fans have a ton of players to choose from on this side of the ball. Buffalo's defense was not good enough to win in Indy, but that doesn't mean they weren't good. Several players had great performances.
  • Turning Point of the Game: At what point did you believe that the momentum permanently shifted in favor of Indianapolis? Or, if you will, at what point did you believe that the Bills gave the game away?

You may also rest assured that Brendan Harrington and I will be hitting on a bunch of other topics; I anticipate spending a good deal of time talking about Chan Gailey, his frustrated star wide receiver, and that aforementioned resurgent defense. What else would you like us to discuss, Bills fans? Everything is on the table, so if there's something you'd like covered, please let us know. The recording will post tomorrow (Tuesday) right here at Buffalo Rumblings.