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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast: Bills/Colts Review, Chan Gailey Talk

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In this week's episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, Brian Galliford and Brendan Harrington spend a lot of time discussing frustrating Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey.

Thomas B. Shea

This week's Buffalo Rumblings Podcast is finally available for your listening pleasure!

Last night, Brendan Harrington and I took an hour to record the podcast, wherein we reviewed the Buffalo Bills' 20-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday. Thankfully, Brendan is a pro's pro and I'm sufficiently immersed in the topic that I can spout opinions while under the weather, because I literally recorded this sucker with my eyes closed and the microphone balanced precariously in front of me on the couch as I huddled under a blanket. Curse you, illness. (And bless you, stomach medicine.)

Through it all, we used our always-excellent community feedback to hand out offensive and defensive game balls, but we started the podcast trying to diagnose a turning point of the game. That proved somewhat difficult to do, but Brendan and I still landed on the same sequence of events. Then we spent a good portion of time talking about everyone's favorite topic of conversation at the moment: Chan Gailey. Most of the segment centered around his play-calling, but we touch on a few other things as well. And yes, Brendan had to bleep me again; at less than 100 percent, I couldn't find it in me to hold an f-bomb back when discussing C.J. Spiller and his role.

As always, the podcast is embedded below; you can also stream it here, download it here or find it on iTunes by searching for 'Buffalo Rumblings Podcast'. Until next week, when hopefully Brendan and Matt will be discussing a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars!