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Poll: Has Your Opinion On Ryan Fitzpatrick Changed?

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Buffalo Bills fans are up in arms about recent comments being made by the team about quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Here's a question: why?

Joe Robbins

Alright. It's time for a poll. My inbox has been stuffed with complaints about Ryan Fitzpatrick and the various public statements that Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey - and, as of this morning, GM Buddy Nix - have made about him that it's time to toss it back to the community.

Gailey has gone on record several times in the past couple of weeks in support of his starting quarterback, claiming that he is the quarterback of the "near future" while admitting that the team would like to begin developing a young signal-caller. Nix has been on the record for months about wanting to draft that quarterback, but echoed Gailey's sentiment about Fitzpatrick in an interview with WGR 550 this very morning.

For some reason, these comments have caused an insane amount of negative feedback from Bills fans. I ask you: why? What has changed?

Buffalo may not have been looking as hard for a long-term quarterback as anyone would have liked, but that shouldn't impact anyone's opinion on Fitzpatrick. They're already looking hard at getting one next April. Knowing that they're not likely to find that quarterback in the form of a sure-fire Round 1 pick, it's sensible to sit him behind Fitzpatrick until that player is ready to play. There is a transition process in mind, and it was in mind when the Bills signed Fitzpatrick to his contract last April.

So I ask you: what has changed about Fitzpatrick? Are you really upset at what's being said by Nix and Gailey, or are they just picking the proverbial scabs off of the wounds?