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Texans 14, Bills 6 After Quick Arian Foster Touchdown

Remember all of that momentum that the Buffalo Bills had going into the second half against the Houston Texans? Well, it's gone. The offense took 20 seconds to go three-and-out, and the Texans promptly responded by driving 43 yards on five plays to go up 14-6 on an Arian Foster touchdown run.

Houston's drive was set up by a lengthy Keshawn Martin punt return that spotted the Texans the ball in Bills territory.

It didn't help that Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense went five-wide on three straight plays to start the second half. Spreading the field was a clear game plan emphasis today, but the three straight incompletions and punt really dissipated any energy the team might have been building, and put the momentum right back into Houston's hands. Is it really surprising, therefore, that the Texans extended their lead less than three minutes into the second half?

Buffalo gets the ball back with 12:11 left in the third quarter, and it's still a one-score game. Maybe they can come up with a different plan of attack this time around.