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Matt Schaub, Garrett Graham Extend Texans Lead To 21-9

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The Houston Texans are scoring touchdowns, and the Buffalo Bills' field goals are no longer keeping them in the game.

Matt Schaub found backup tight end Garrett Graham on a short touchdown pass on third and goal to extend Houston's lead to 21-9 with just under 12 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. That play capped off an 11-play scoring drive that didn't feature many big plays; instead, it was a methodical march down the field that, prior to the final play of the drive, featured just one third down.

Buffalo's defense has now given up two touchdowns after holding firm for just seven points in the first half. If the Bills' offense can't respond, the flood gates will open up as they have countless times before this Sunday. They may open up anyway, but if the Bills can get something going, they'll make a game of it, at least, over the final 11 minutes.