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Texans 21, Bills 9: Input For Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

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The Buffalo Bills lost to the Houston Texans 21-9 in Week 9. Buffalo Rumblings is looking for your input (read: rage) as we prepare to record our next podcast.

Bob Levey

The Buffalo Bills dropped a 21-9 decision to the Houston Texans yesterday, leaving the Bills at 3-5 half way through the regular season, in last place in the AFC East, and looking at a Mount Everest-type climb to the post-season.

We know that you have thoughts on the state of the franchise with half a season remaining. As Matt Warren and Brendan Harrington prepare to sit down this evening and record the next Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, we're looking for your input on the following:

  • An offensive player of the game in Houston (are there any good candidates?)
  • A defensive player of the game in Houston (there are actually candidates this week!)
  • The turning point of the ball game

In addition, Matt and Brendan will certainly be talking about the various comments that GM Buddy Nix made late last week, they'll cover every gripe being thrown around in the aftermath of the latest loss, and they'll look ahead to next Sunday's matchup with the New England Patriots - a venture sure to engender further griping. If you have any other input to add or talking topics to request, leave a comment below. The plan is to have the podcast posted sometime tomorrow.