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NFL Week 10 Predictions: How About A Buffalo Bills Upset?

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The Bills have lost 17 of their last 18 games to the Patriots. Are there any Bills fans out there bold enough to predict a Bills win at Foxboro in Week 10?

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Just as we do every week, here are our predictions for the next slate of NFL games. We'll save our Buffalo Bills prediction for last, and open with this question: are any of you bold enough to predict a Bills win over New England this weekend?

Colts 30, Jaguars 20: Andrew Luck is the real deal. The Jaguars... are not.

Ravens 27, Raiders 20: Baltimore's not quite the same without a great defense, but they're certainly good enough to beat Oakland.

Broncos 31, Panthers 13: Peyton Manning is just hitting his stride. The Panthers are playing better of late, but it won't matter against Peyton.

Giants 28, Bengals 17: Cincinnati, in my book, is perhaps the most disappointing team in the NFL this season.

Dolphins 23, Titans 13: Who else wishes that the Bills could've played against Jake Locker in Week 7?

Lions 20, Vikings 17: Minnesota's come back to earth lately, and Detroit is starting to get it together a little bit offensively. This is a toss-up, but I like Detroit to get back into the conversation for real in the very good NFC North.

Falcons 27, Saints 24: New Orleans is a trendy pick this week, but I don't think they have enough defensively to end Atlanta's winning streak.

Buccaneers 31, Chargers 24: Doug Martin may not like "Muscle Hamster," but I kind of do. It's weird and catchy. He'll have another good day against a thoroughly mediocre Chargers team.

Seahawks 26, Jets 14: Seattle is excellent at home. The Jets are pretty average everywhere.

Cowboys 23, Eagles 20: It's still really hard for me to pick against Philadelphia, especially when they're playing a Cowboys team that is truly outstanding at beating themselves.

49ers 27, Rams 14: San Francisco has too much on both sides of the ball for a plucky Rams squad to handle.

Texans 21, Bears 19: I've said all season that the turnovers will stop coming for the Bears at some point. I think it'll be this week against the Texans. Whenever it happens, that Bears offense will really be put to the test.

Steelers 38, Chiefs 10: Well, at least I'll have a Monday night free to not watch football. This one'll be ugly.

Patriots 41, Bills 20: Yeah, I'm definitely not bold enough to predict a Bills win in New England. Goodness gracious, no. But I'll maintain something I've said this year: they have the ability to compete with any team in any stadium. Get it done, Buffalo.

Last Week: 11-3
NFL Prediction Record: 84-48
Bills Prediction Record: 5-3