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Buffalo Bills' Chris Kelsay Leaves Thursday's Practice With Neck Injury

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Already down one defensive end, the Buffalo Bills might be without Chris Kelsay this weekend.

Rick Stewart

Fifteen minutes into Thursday's practice, defensive end Chris Kelsay walked off the field at One Bills Drive. Already without Mark Anderson, the "next man up" theory is being test once again by the Buffalo Bills.

Kelsay walked off under his own power, but many reporters in attendance described his movements as "stiff". The Bills officially are calling it a neck injury, and head coach Chan Gailey unsurprisingly didn't have an update immediately following practice.

"Kelsay got hurt in practice and could not finish," said Gailey. "They’re doing more tests, and we’ll know more tomorrow."

Kelsay has missed only six games in his 10-year career. If he can't play Sunday, Kyle Moore and Shawne Merriman would get more snaps. Moore has played well of late - especially in the pass rush - while Merriman was re-signed a few weeks ago specifically for a situation like this.

Merriman himself was added to the injury report on Thursday after practicing on a limited basis with a chest injury.