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Gameday Experience: How Do You Watch The Buffalo Bills?

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Everyone has their personalized game-day experience, and we want to hear yours.

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I'll admit it: when I'm not taking in Buffalo Bills games at Ralph Wilson Stadium, I don't have an entertainment setup that's worthy of mention amongst the manliest of man caves out there. That's why I'm looking for your experiences and suggestions for a potential future re-build of my home football viewing experience, and for overly detailed descriptions of your favorite means of watching the Bills every week.

My question for you tonight: what is your choice method of taking in Bills games, and what does your home viewing setup consist of? More to the point: if there's one essential element of your Sunday experience that I should try to replicate, I'd love to hear it.

Granted, the fact that I split my time between the stadium and the couch is problematic enough for a consistent week-to-week viewing experience. Keeping this blog updated during away games exacerbates the problem - and, frankly, I often don't even watch road games in my own home, as I'll head over to my parents' house to catch the game with the paternal parental unit quite often. Couple the nomadic viewing with the need for constant Internet access, and the only consistent part of my own viewing experience is a laptop.

I have big, puffy and comfortable furniture. My television is a high-definition LCD display, coming in at a modest-but-respectable 46 inches. I have no sound system, sadly, and the most notable part of the entire entertainment setup is that I've got an Xbox 360, a PS2 and a PS3 connected to the television. Of course, that doesn't really have anything to do with football. I've got just the one tube, which sits in my living room, so Bills paraphernalia - while present - is not the first thing people generally notice about the room. The fridge is right around the corner.

I'll say this for my setup, since I've only watched one Bills game at home since buying my new house in January: I had no trouble comfortably camping out for three days during the 2012 NFL Draft. But a "man cave" this is not, so I'm looking for your suggestions, particularly with what to start with. Bigger TV? Sound system? Some wacky computer/display setup that will perfectly integrate the Rumblings experience with the on-air experience? Mostly, I'm just looking to steal your ideas, however, so let us know what your own setup entails and I'll build a super setup that trumps everyone's. Go!

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