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Buffalo Bills Rep Count Trivia

Buffalo Bills fans invent a game to distract themselves from the pain.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The Buffalo Bills lost in excruciating fashion yesterday. They are 5-8, their under-fire head coach has mathematically eliminated his team from playoff contention despite the realities of math, and nothing appears to have changed after nearly three years of the Buddy Nix regime.

We, as fans, are miserable. This thread is dedicated to using parts of our brain that don't feel that feeling (or related feelings).

I spent a chunk of my weekend tallying up snap totals from every game the Bills have played this season. That work was largely data-collecting for the off-season work we'll be beginning in just over three weeks' time, but there was enough that was immediately interesting that I thought I'd make a little pop quiz for Rumblers to mull over. Don't worry - there's still room to inject misery if you see fit; see question No. 3, for example.

Leave your answers to one or all of these questions in the comments, and we'll throw up the correct answers as they come in. Don't cheat - this quiz is far more interesting if you use your gut feel to try to answer the questions. Go!

  1. One Buffalo Bills player has played every snap on his respective unit (offense or defense) this season. Name him.
  2. Which Bills player has played the largest total number of plays this season?
  3. Four Bills skill position players (i.e. RB, FB, WR or TE) have taken more snaps this year than C.J. Spiller. Name them.
  4. Which player has more snaps on offense for the Bills this season: Marcus Easley or Kyle Williams?
  5. No starting offensive tackle has played every snap this year thanks to injury. Which has gotten the most playing time?
  6. Out of the Bills' four opening-day starters along the defensive line, which has played the most this season?
  7. Which linebacker has played more: the base package linebacker (Kelvin Sheppard) or the nickel linebacker (Bryan Scott)?
  8. The cornerback position opposite Stephon Gilmore has been a revolving door all season. Which Bills cornerback has the second-highest rep total after Gilmore?
  9. Which Bills wide receiver has taken more special teams reps this season: Brad Smith or Ruvell Martin?
  10. 14 Bills players have logged 100 or more special teams snaps this season. Name them.