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Debate: Has Buffalo Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick Met Your Expectations?

With the 2012 season winding down for the Buffalo Bills, fans debate their pre-season expectations for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and his performance so far this season.

Rick Stewart

As Buffalo Bills fans talked themselves into being excited for the 2012 season, much of the rhetoric surrounding starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick centered on one idea (paraphrased): "If he can cut down on the turnovers and come close to the Fitz we saw in Weeks 1-8 last year, the Bills should contend for the playoffs."

That was obviously a big "if," and despite cutting down on his turnovers (he has 17 so far this season, down from his 25 in 16 games last year - so there's still time to fail here, as well), Fitzpatrick has not been the quarterback we saw during the team's hot start a year ago, nor have the Bills at any point this season been serious playoff contenders, for a variety of reasons that include quarterback play.

Yet there's evidence to suggest that this has been Fitzpatrick's best season yet as a three-year starter. He's got career highs in completion percentage (62.3 percent) and quarterback rating (85.8). He's on pace to to shave seven interceptions off of last year's league-leading 23 (he threw 15 in 13 games in 2010), and has thrown for 20 or more touchdowns for the third straight season. Still, the team is just 5-8 - and they're now 15-27 under Fitzpatrick in the last three seasons.

We have three questions for you to debate regarding Fitzpatrick this afternoon:

  • Has Fitzpatrick met, exceeded or fallen short of your pre-season expectations for him?
  • Did you set expectations for Fitzpatrick based on his skills, goals for the offense, or goals for the team?
  • If you had been told in August what his stat line would look like in mid-December (62.3% completions, 2,718 yards, 21 TD, 13 INT), what would you have guessed Buffalo's record would be?

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