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NFL Week 15 Picks: Buffalo Bills Face Seattle Seahawks In Toronto

One Buffalo Bills fan has only picked his favorite team to win a game four times this season. Sad face.

Tom Szczerbowski

Do you know what makes me sad? I predict the Buffalo Bills game every week on the Thursday before they play, and I've only picked them to win four times through 13 this season. Making that pessimism even more depressing is the fact that I've been right 10-of-13 times this season.

I've still only picked them four times, by the way. They host the Seattle Seahawks in Toronto this weekend, and needless to say, I'm rolling with the "other" road team. Does anyone out there see it differently and expect the Bills to win on Sunday?

Bengals 20, Eagles 17: Another week, another Thursday night where I won't be watching uninteresting football.

Giants 23, Falcons 20: These are two of the most difficult and weirdly inconsistent teams in the NFL.

Broncos 28, Ravens 13: Baltimore picked a bad time to change offensive coordinators, regardless of how easy "give Ray Rice the ball" seems.

Packers 17, Bears 13: These two teams can play really ugly football at times.

Redskins 24, Browns 17: Wait, Cleveland has won three straight games?

Texans 21, Colts 20: Houston has struggled of late, but I still think they've got a bit more juice than Indy does.

Dolphins 20, Jaguars 7: Who's ready to watch the Chad Henne Bowl?

Saints 31, Buccaneers 27: New Orleans isn't that bad, right?

Rams 16, Vikings 13: That Rams defense is legitimately good. Particularly up front.

Lions 31, Cardinals 3: Remember when Buffalo beat the 4-1 Cardinals? Yeah, that's not looking like much of an achievement.

Seahawks 23, Bills 13: Seattle is very good defensively, and Buffalo is just bad enough defensively to not keep up. Much more on this game coming up in the next few days, of course.

Chargers 28, Panthers 24: Am I the only person on the planet that doesn't understand the "Cam! Oh, Cam!" song that the NFL Network weirdos sing? If so, I'm okay with that.

Steelers 20, Cowboys 17: You just know that Pittsburgh, in a down year, is going to find a way to sneak into the playoffs anyway.

Raiders 28, Chiefs 24: Yeesh.

Patriots 37, 49ers 21: It's hard not to view the Patriots as the front-runner to win the Super Bowl given the way they're playing right now. Jerks.

Jets 13, Titans 10: I guess I won't be watching football on Monday night, either.

Last Week: 10-6
Season Record: 138-71-1
Bills Predictions: 10-3